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the best plan to assist families in making
funeral arrangements in the United States

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1. What is Assure For Life?

Assure For Life offers a Professional Funeral Assistance Membership in the United States.
Unlike insurances or prepaid funeral contracts, this membership does not provide monetary sums. Instead, upon becoming a member, we offer comprehensive support in the planning and organization of funerals for deceased loved ones, by contracting funeral service providers.

2. What benefits are covered in the United States?

Payment for basic funeral services:

  • Transfer of the deceased to the local funeral service provider.
  • Preparation of the body.
  • Basic viewing time
  • Coffin for the viewing.
  • Funeral Director’s fees.
  • Book of signatures and reminders.
  • A death certificate.


  • Airline ticket, round trip, exclusively for the holder, in order to attend the funeral of the members of the plan.
  • Cremation option: cremation and urn for ashes.
  • Burial option: Basic casket and hearse to the cemetery (does not include cemetery fees in the US).
3. Who can replace a primary member in a Family Plan when he or she passes away?

When the primary member passes away, he or she may be replaced immediately by any of the current members or by a new qualifying member.

4. When a member passes away, how soon can they be replaced with someone else?

When a member (non-plan holder) passes away an eligible replacement can be completed on the next anniversary date of the plan. The plan holder must communicate with the company to complete the new application.

5. How much does the company pay for a funeral service?
Assure For Life does not guarantee a specific amount because it is authorized to deliver assistance only, through a reputable independent funeral home, near the client’s area or as required.
6. What is the waiting period for getting the benefits of the memberships?

Starting on the third business day after enrollment, after the first payment has been made, Assure For Life covers accidental, violent death, or suicide.

Assure For Life covers death by natural causes 180 calendar days after making the first payment.

7. What are the preexisting conditions not accepted at the time of purchasing a plan?

At the time of enrollment, the plan holder or any of its members must not be terminally ill, have a cancer diagnosis, be on dialysis, or have a brain tumor.

8. What are the age conditions to be a member of a Family Plan?

Members age 65 or younger can be included, regardless of kinship to the holder.

Parents or partner of the plan holder up to 80 years of age, a maximum of two, can be added at the time of enrollment, and coverage will not expire as long as the membership is paid.

9. What are the special rate states?

Special rate states include Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, California, and Puerto Rico.

10. What to do when a member passes?

The plan holder or any member must call our 24-hour funeral emergency line at 1 888-815-5817.

11. When can I make changes to my funeral assistance membership?

Changes to the funeral assistance membership can be made only within 3 days after submitting the application or on each anniversary date. If the primary member passes away, he or she may be replaced immediately by any of the current members or by a new member who meets the requirements.

Steps to change the funeral assistance membership include forwarding an email to as well as including full name, date of birth, nationality, holder’s relationship, city, and state.

12. What plan can I offer to a 73 years old person?

You can offer the Silver Plan (from 66 to 75 years old) if the person has no children, otherwise, the Family Plan is the best option.

13. What plan can I offer to a 92 years old person?

Assure For Life does not offer plans for people over 80 years old.

14. Is the renewal automatic?

On the anniversary date, the membership is automatically renewed.

15. When do pay periods begin and close?

The first pay period schedule is between the first day of the month through the 15th, or the business day before the 15th, and closes at 11 a.m. ET. In this period, only personal sales are paid.

The second pay period schedule is between the 15th at 11:01 a.m. ET and closes at 11 a.m. ET on the last business day of the month. In this period, personal sales made are paid, as well as the production of the team, if applicable.

16. When do consultants get their sales commissions paid?

Your payment will be transferred to your financial institution 3 to 5 business days after the pay period closes. Confirm the payment with your bank. Prior to your initial payment, a test amount will be sent to your financial institution. Upon successful receipt, two business days later your payment will be sent out.

17. What are the monthly requirements to maintain or upgrade the commission level?

Every month, you must make a minimum of two personal sales and maintain the number of sales corresponding to your current category level. If you do not have the number of sales in that category for three consecutive months, in the fourth month you will receive commissions according to current sales.


If you do not make any sales for six consecutive months, your status as a consultant will become deactivated in the company.

18. Can a person in Latin America or the Caribbean become a consultant?

No, only people living in the USA can become consultants. A Tax ID or Social Security Number is required.

19. Is a state license required to become a consultant?

Assure For Life is a membership, therefore a state license is not required. You must get certified with Assure For Life to become a consultant.